EshaDuro ( APP -5 °C ) - Plastomeric bituminous waterproofing membranes

Product Description

The plastomeric waterproofing membrane EshaDuro is produced from special types of bitumen and selected polymer materials based on propylene (APP). Its special composition gives the EshaDuro waterproofing membrane the following advantages:

  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation
  • Resistance to ageing
  • Increased resistance to high temperatures
  • Resistance to corrosive environments (acids, inorganic salts, air pollutants, ozone etc.)
  • Advanced weldability to all substrates.


The combination of suitable reinforcement, top and bottom cover, weight/thickness of the membrane produces a wide range of waterproofing application fields:

  • Flat and inclined roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • Re-Roofing
  • Underground works and foundations
  • Bridges and parking decks
  • Reservoirs and Canals


1mx10m or 1mx8 m

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